Shooting at 23rd and South Van Ness


Pop pop pop. Pop.

Burnt rubber.


“I think I heard gunshots at South Van Ness and 23rd.”

“How many?”

“Two or three and then one more. Then I heard a car speed away.”

“What did it look like?”

“White, I think. Four-door sedan. Old-looking and geometric. Angular.”

“Did you hear anyone in distress?”

“No. I don’t think so.”


Flicker, flicker. One light on. Then another. Then another. Voices outside of homes.

A car with shattered windows across the street. A man laying on someone’s porch, surrounded by others.

Police cars. An ambulance. Yellow crime scene tape. Paramedics lifting the man off the ground and onto a stretcher. The man, his legs shaking uncontrollably under the stretcher’s blanket.

Flashlights as police search the area. For what? Blood? Bullet casings? Clues?

Who did this?


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